"...By the way, when people see my guitar, they want to try it, and when they try the strap, they can't believe how good it feels. It's helped my with my ulnar nerve problem and I play without problems thanks to you (and my accupuncturist). So if you want testimonials, I have nothing but praises..."
Boston MA,
January 8, 2008 - Customer since August of 2005

"Hi Troy, I spent most of last year running to chiropractors, doing M.R.I s and therapy against my disc hernia in my neck as all my instruments are so heavy, but since I started using your straps six months ago my condition has improved immensely. I can now play longer gigs without getting a stiff neck or cramps. I`m sorry I didn`t discover your ergonomic straps twenty years ago. Keep up the good work and I'll definitely recommend your strap to my musician buddies."
Leon Duncan
Zürich Switzerland
June 13, 2006

I've received your innovative strap, it is everything I was expecting. Thank you very much. Yet another possible pro to this design is, if you are in a high energy band and hopping around a fair bit, the harness like constructionl looks as though it would provide enhanced stability while performing standard (or not so standard) on-stage acrobatics. This was one of the first pluses my brother thought of. It'd never really crossed my mind, and I've yet to put it to that particular kind of test, but I just thought I'd add that bit of feedback because I don't think I saw anyone mention that in the testimonials just yet....
Thanks for everything,
Ontario, Canada
April 23, 2006

I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how happy I am with the Dare Strap. As I prepare for our current tour which will take us to 4 continents and 26 countries, I am confident that I will be pain free, largely due to your innovative guitar strap. I encourage anyone who suffers from shoulder, arm or wrist pain to get one and experience the difference for themselves!
Michael Vangerov - Guitarist/Technical Director
Liquid Blue, Inc
April 5, 2006

Hey Troy, I received my strap yesterday and I can't thank you enough for the quick service, I had it figured out in a minute and used it on my Music Man last night. My left shoulder has been killing me after a night of playing to the point of numbness in my arm (27 years of playing and it finally caught up with me) and after 2 hours of playing hardley noticed a thing. I have 3 gigs lined up in the next week and will be playing for about four hours a night and am very relieved that I am not going to ache when its all over. Thanks again you kick a..
Brian Cutts - Rock and Roll Bassist from California
December 1st, 2005

" I didn't realize how much my Dare strap had helped my shoulder and back pain until I lost it and had to go back to my old strap. I would have ordered another one if I hadn't found it a couple weeks later."
Cameron from Oregon
November 15th 2005

" I have been playing guitar for 30 years and have recently developed neck and back problems. I purchased both a Dare strap and a Slider to see which would work better for me. It was no contest. The Dare strap holds the guitar in a more natural position and is more adjustable. Buy one and use it in good health. Let me know when the 2 straps ship."
Dave from New Jersey
October 4th 2005

" Thanks Troy, the strap arrived this morning. I used it on a gig tonight. You've obviously put a lot of thought into this, it's well designed and well made. I'm still tweaking things, but it worked very well tonight - took some getting used to, but I could feel it pulling me into a better playing position, and I ended the night quite fresh, and with nothing like the usual pain level. I'll let you know how I get on after a couple of weeks, in case my comments are of any use to you, but so far I'm impressed with the results."
Pat from the United Kingdom
June 13th 2005

" Hello Troy, yes, I received the strap a few days ago. First impression: it does make a difference! Some of the weight is transferred from the left to the right shoulder and it feels comfortable enough to play more freely. Due to muscular problems I had not touched the bass guitar for four months, but yesterday I played 2.5 hours without problems. I am confident that the strap can make a positive contribution. Maybe in a few months I will order another one for a NS-Stick that I expect to receive early summer."
André From The Netherlands
May 12th 2005

" Troy, sorry for the delayed response, yes I got it and it is awesome. Well made, easily used for right or left, and used easily as a regular strap. I am showing it to my musician friends and other people I run into. Thanks again,"
Rob from British Colombia, Canada
March 14th 2005

" I already have one I ordered a couple of months ago. It helped my shoulder a lot since I play hours a night a few nights a week. I just need another for my backup guitar. Thanks."
David California
June 21st 2004

" Hey Troy, for some reason my email didn't get through...I got the strap, it fits perfect for both my STRAT and SG....great design and way easier to get used to than I thought it would be, thank you for adding the extra ten inches to it.....very comfortable...I'll pass your product on to anyone that gets a sore shoulder! Thanks again…"
Adam from Illinois
February 9th 2004

" I’ve been a mail carrier for over 30 years and I’ve never had the option of supporting the weight of my mail bag over both shoulders. When the holidays come around and the catalogues flood my truck, the DARE™ strap is my savior! I wish I had my DARE™ strap at the beginning of my career."
Dave Montgomery, US Postal Carrier, Montpelier, Vermont

Troy - Love the strap! Thanks
Jeff from IN
May 22nd, 2003

" I play in a part-time blues/blues- rock band, and we perform 4 hours a night, 1 or 2 nights just about every weekend. I've used the straps 2 weekends now, and I'm still getting used to the "feel". But, I've experienced far less shoulder and neck stiffness, pain and fatigue, particularly on the left side where my old strap used to transfer the entire weight of the instrument. And I'm getting a few comments on the strap, too. I'm quick to point out that it's a DARE™ strap, and show how it distributes the weight more evenly across the shoulders and back. Anyway, I just want to thank you again, Troy, for your attentiveness to this order, and your willingness to go beyond what was necessary in the interest of customer service…"
Kendall from TN
March 20th 2003

" Troy, it's an ingenius design. Thanks."
Charles from Colorado
February 26, 2003

" The DARE™ strap makes real good sense for a bass guitarist. The bass is a heavy instrument. It puts pressure on the one shoulder that can become a nagging ache for a working musician night after night on stage or in rehearsal. Thanks to the DARE™ strap I now have the option to quickly switch from the standard one shoulder mode to a nice even distribution to both shoulders whenever the pain begins to grow. What a relief to lose that ache.
You know what? It works! And it's cool!
Eric Eaves, Bassist, Motorplant 2000-2005

" I bought one of your ergonomic guitar straps back in February and I love it. I used to suffer a lot of neck pain from playing, and now that I can distribute the weight evenly over my shoulders that problem has disappeared. I'm ready to throw out all my old straps for my other guitars and put DARE™ straps on them. I read one of your online testimonials comparing the DARE™ strap to the Slider strap, which I've also tried, and I agree that the DARE™ strap does a much better job of holding the guitar in the typical, natural playing position. The Slider strap was just plain awkward…"
Daniel from OR
August 30th 2002

" Hi Troy Congratulations on your strap. It’s helped me considerably. Been playing a long time and have shoulder problems. Also, you have good quality material that looks like it will last a while—unlike the overpriced Slider™ I unfortunately bought first. It actually takes off a little more weight than yours, but is very cheaply made ( an insult, considering the price) and severely constricts arm motion—I couldn’t play comfortably. I’m going to your site momentarily to order one for my bass player…"
Larry from CA
July 18, 2002

" Hey Troy, Thanks a Million for the DARE™ Guitar Strap. I recently had really bad problems with my left shoulder. I've been playing Pro for over 15 years...and it's taking it's toll. Your strap allowed me to distribute the weight of the instrument on both or one shoulder. I took almost all the weight off the left shoulder....and the Guitar AND Bass stayed right where they should be. Adjusting the strap took a few minutes...But the more I played with it...the better it got. It's MUCH more comfortable than any regular strap and I've even tried a SLIDER™. I didn't like it and it was nowhere near as comfortable as yours. You now have a customer for life."
Todd from Vermont
January 13th 2002

" ...I wanted to let you know it (DARE™ strap) has really helped me. Before I ordered your strap, I was suffering from headache and shoulder pain every time I played my Godin LGXT using a normal strap. It usually only took about 10 minutes of playing before these symptoms appeared. With the DARE™ strap, I can play for hours without any of those side effects. It was worth the money to get the DARE™ strap. Thanks..."
Dale from Florida
January 1st 2002

" ...Just wanted to let you know the strap is working out really well...it seems less restrictive than my Slider™ Strap, which is what I hoped...I prefer the feel to the Slider™. Thanks!..."
Steve from New York
December 16, 2001

" I've been playing drums since I was in grade school, having a DARE™ strap from day one would have been a blessing!"
Bob Sparadeo, Manager, Blue Mountain Guitar
West Lebanon NH